Tips for completing the game Surge. Passing Game #011

Dr. Melissa Chavez and another passage

Starting from the position shown in the picture, go to the right and take a weapon. Do not pay attention to the door, as it is inaccessible. There is a mini boss on the right. Go straight ahead, avoid toxic waste and get to the door shown in the picture. Near the terminal. Use it to continue your task.

The door that you will open in this way is actually the passage to the Medical Station. Use the elevator located behind the door to get directly to the train station (where you started this stage of the game). Get some rest and come back upstairs.

Collect the Core from the table and go back to where you came from. To move forward, you will need to rely on your drone's new ability (provided by the Core you just assembled).

Open the door and you will find yourself next to the train station that you used in the previous location. Restore your health and head to the door that you could not recharge due to the low energy of the drone (near the first elevator). Open the door and you will find another item.

Other plot events will be directly related to the previous position, so you have to go back to the Middle Productions B to get to the station and take the train.

Recycling area and other passageways

Go down the stairs, jump down and destroy the enemies. Go to the place where the machines work. There is no point in going down, since all the bridges are closed, and you will not pass them. Instead, check the location shown in the screenshot. There is an elevator that will take you to the upper level.

Defeat the enemy and use one of the rails to get to the other part of the level. Turn right. There you will find two passageways. Unlock the one on the left to unlock the other passageway. Now that you are reborn, all you have to do is defeat the first opponent and turn left. Move forward and you will return to this place.

Unlock the passageway and continue. Open the passage on the right. Destroy two enemies that will block your path and interact with the terminal at the window. This will activate the bridges and assign additional tasks to the machines. Recover your medicines using the terminal on the right and use the elevator. Exit the elevator, turn right and go straight.

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