Prevention of caries

The condition of the teeth is one of the indicators of general human health. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of them, preventing the occurrence of caries. How this disease develops and how effective is the prevention of caries – all these issues will be discussed below.What is caries is a lesion of the tooth enamel with the formation of cavities in the tooth. Its main cause is plaque accumulating in the oral cavity. It is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, whose waste products gradually weaken and destroy the enamel.To treat caries, it is necessary to consult a doctor, who, depending on the stage of the disease, will draw up a plan of therapeutic measures.Stages of caries Like any other disease, caries develops gradually. At the initial stage, the enamel remains intact, but small darkened areas appear on it. A change in the color of the tooth is the first signal that the enamel is weakened and the initial caries has occurred.The next stage of the disease is superficial caries. In the acute form, its main feature is the painful reaction of the tooth to cold food or to the sour taste of products, for example. With chronic superficial caries, there is no pain, but the enamel already has small visible damage.Then, in the absence of treatment, medium caries occurs. At this stage, the destruction of the enamel passes to the inner tissue of the tooth – dentin. And if outwardly it may look like a small dot or dent on the enamel, then behind it there is an affected area of dentin of a larger area.The final stage of the disease development is deep caries. Its main feature is the complete destruction of enamel and dentin, leading to the formation of a cavity inside or on the surface of the tooth. If deep caries is not treated, it can cause a new disease – pulpitis (inflammation of the dental nerve).Prevention of caries, what is caries, and what causes it, it is possible to deal with effective prevention of this disease. Here are the main measures that will allow you to maintain dental health for a long time:- Reducing the amount of carbohydrates in food. According to dentists, it is sweet food and pastries that contribute to the formation of plaque, which can eventually turn into tartar. Therefore, the prevention of caries should begin with changes in the human diet.- Strengthening of tooth enamel with fluoride. This trace element is found in ordinary tea and seaweed. However, it is impossible to get it from food in sufficient quantities. The best way to absorb fluoride for teeth is to brush your teeth with a special paste with a high content of this trace element.- Proper teeth cleaning. In addition to regularly changing the toothbrush and choosing the right paste, dental hygiene includes many other activities: mandatory use of floss after meals, thorough cleaning of the tongue and the inner surface of the cheeks.- Regular medical examination by specialized specialists. The general state of health is always reflected in the teeth. Therefore, an infection or a disease of the gastrointestinal tract detected in time and their proper treatment is the key to strong and beautiful teeth.- The presence of a personal dentist. It is better to visit such a specialist long before the onset of toothache. In this case, the doctor can develop a dental care program for the patient and determine how often he will need to visit the dentist.Observing these rules, you can easily avoid such a nuisance as tooth decay.Properly organized prevention of caries, which includes a whole range of measures, including proper nutrition, is able to prevent the disease and keep teeth healthy. But in the event that all the precautions taken did not help, it is better to consult a doctor at an early stage of caries, without waiting for serious damage to the enamel. Do you want to earn more crypto? Find best interest rates here!