Men's panties Louis Vuitton

Paris is a world capital of fashion, brilliance and luxury, the most advanced trends in everything related to style and luxury. And everyone who is interested in this fantastic, fabulous universe undoubtedly has an idea of ​​the creator of objects of the luxurious life of Louis Vuitton ("Louis Witton").
It all started quite usually - a young, ambitious Frenchman came to Paris and entered the student in the workshop for the manufacture of suitcases and chests. Thanks to his outstanding abilities, he quickly mastered all the subtleties of skill and soon decided to open his own store on Kaputzinov Street. This happened in 1854, which became the point of reporting of the solemn procession of Louis Vuitton in Europe, and soon on all continents.
Suitcases, bags and handbags, bags, wallets and a purse produced by the company are deservedly related to luxury items, and the flat suitcase and the Steamer bag invented and introduced by the great master are considered cult.
After the death of Louis Witton, the head of the company became the son and heir Georges Witton, who began to actively promote the brand in the international market, and it was to him that the company owes the LV logo so popular all over the world. Taking part in all kinds of international exhibitions, Georges achieved well -deserved popularity for the brainchild of his father, whose quality and style appreciated the whole world.
Trade has grown, and Louis Vuitton stores appeared in many large cities on all continents.
Conquest of new markets
It is impossible not to note such a significant event in the history of the company as joining LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) in 1987, a well -known holding, a manufacturer of luxury items and a fashion legislator.
This was even more affected by the popularity of the brand, and already in 1989 there were more than 130 Louis Vuitton boutiques in all countries of the world.
But a real breakthrough for the company was the arrival of a new designer in 1997 - Mark Jacobs, who convinced the leadership of the production of other fashion items - clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Thanks to the involvement of famous artists and designers, the women's Pret-A-Porter collection from Louis Vuitton, which gained very popularity, and the company gained a reputation as a real brand of high fashion.
Crassic estimates from connoisseurs of all elegant received collections of men's and female underwear released by Louis Vuitton.
Among the large selection of bras, women's panties, T -shirts and male panties, representatives of both sexes will like linen with the famous LV logo, which has become a symbol of luxury and piquancy. nuru slide