Road marking. Should I argue with the inspector?

The reason for the emergence of debate between representatives of the traffic police and car owners quite often is the question of compliance or non -compliance with the requirements established by road markings. However, knowing his rights fully, the driver may well be considered misunderstandings that arose insoluble task. Horizontal marking often, in the case when horizontal road markings are practically not visible (either due to the contamination of the road, or when it is rubbed from time to time) , the inspector makes the driver unreasonable claims in violation of the traffic rules. In this case, the driver can take advantage of his right and disagree with the opinion of the inspector, demanding to draw up a protocol where he must state the situation on his part. If possible, then you can take several photos of the violation place in order to capture the inadequate quality of the markup, or invite witnesses who will confirm that you are right. Another case, often common when the driver is simply forced to violate the requirements of horizontal road markings, are pits , potholes and other troubles, which, unfortunately, are the indispensable companions of our, far from ideal roads. In such a situation, the driver can also appeal the claims of the traffic police inspector, setting out the vision of the situation for his part in the protocol. A more weighty argument, when the law is on the side of the driver, is a violation of the rules of road marking in order to prevent an accident. In this case, arguing with the inspector is quite legally. Vertical marking to talk about vertical marking of roads: columns, cabinets on the islets of safety, barrier metal fence, then the fact of violation of the requirements of such markings can be established only as a result of a specific traffic accident. But even in such seemingly hopeless, case can be avoided by unpleasant consequences that certainly haunt the car owner who became the culprit of the accident. For example, if the incident happened at night, then the driver has the right to fix the fact that the markup on the fence or obstacle is not clearly defended Which did not allow the driver to notice it in time and avoid an accident. In this case, upon further consideration of the case, it is possible to charged with the incident accident of the road company serving this section of the road.